Flexible Financing to Help You Meet Your Equipment Goals

Every business relies on equipment to some degree. Whether you need to buy a dozen laptops for new employees or you are eyeing a new piece of pricey production equipment, you may not have the funds to purchase what you need up-front. The good news is that you don’t have to. At Link Capital Group, we offer a helpful equipment financing program that can give you immediate access to the machinery you need while giving you the freedom to pay for it over time in manageable monthly installments.

Programs Designed for You

Our equipment leasing services are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to affordably acquire the equipment you need for your business. We offer multiple programs, including:

  • Sale and Lease Back: Want to avoid taking out additional bank debt? This program may be the ideal solution. You can receive immediate cash by selling your equipment to us, then leasing it from us in regular payments. Once the terms of your lease agreement have been met, you will once again own the equipment.
  • Government Programs: We regularly help government entities obtain the equipment they need. Whether you are a representative of a federal or state entity, including police departments, armed forces, public schools or any other government entity, we will help you secure the appropriate financing program for your needs.
  • Startup Program: Startups that don’t have the means to secure necessary equipment are less likely to succeed. For this reason, we are happy to extend financing to new businesses that need help acquiring machinery.
  • Second Chance Program: Dealing with a less than stellar credit score or dwindling funds? We may be able to help you get back on track with our second chance program.

Our equipment financing programs can make life easier for your business by giving you the opportunity to grow and acquire machinery without paying for it all at once.

Apply Today

There is no reason to strain your financial resources when you can finance your equipment for a convenient monthly price. To apply for this program, call us at (404) 433-7931 today.